In addition to the visiting grants for physical lab access, ERIGrid 2.0 provides free-of-charge access to virtual facilities. This includes access to virtual data, services and widely used resources that are openly and freely available through communication networks.

Partners in the ERIGrid 2.0 make available to a broader audience their data sets and simulation services. Researchers, engineers, students and all other interested individuals, can obtain access to a database of grid models, time-series profile data and extended cloud-based simulation services, without actually visiting the facility.

The virtual resources are documented in text or audio-visual tutorials. Also provided are example projects, which can be used as a starting point for new users. Each of the virtual facilities has a dedicated support forum.

By offering a quick, easy and casual access to virtual resources, ERIGrid 2.0 allows all users to eliminate administrative obstacles and try virtual infrastructures without obligations. In this virtual access, there is no selection procedure, and all interested parties are encouraged to make use of this opportunity. Reporting is not mandatory for users, only attribution is required in the produced work.

In the next stages of the project, ERIGrid 2.0 will integrate its virtual facilities in the upcoming training materials, all of which will be likewise openly available.

You can find all virtual facilities on the “Lab Access” page.

ERIGrid 2.0 Opens Virtual Access to Facilities