On 30 September 2022 ERIGrid 2.0, together with partner project HYPERRIDE, will be exhibiting at the European Researchers Night (ERN) in Vienna (AT). Taking place every year simultaneously in many cities across Europe, the event aims to give every citizen the opportunity to actively participate in science and to increase general public awareness about the diversity of scientific research.

The Austrian edition of the event offers participation at several locations, including Vienna, and provides an opportunity to follow the live streaming of the event though a dedicated web channel. Online viewers will have a possibility to ask questions.

ERIGrid 2.0 has been traditionally participating in ERN since 2017 back in predecessor project ERIGrid. Teaming up with HYPERRIDE for this year’s event, ERIGrid 2.0 coordinator team of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology will be sharing knowledge about smart energy research under the topic “Smart Grids – Development and Validation of the Energy Systems of the Future”.

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At the ERIGrid booth at ERN 2018
Visit ERIGrid 2.0 at ERN 2022!