On 20-21 April, experts from all over Europe gathered at Climate Lab Vienna to exchange their insights on operation, control, and digitalization in sector-coupled energy systems and sector integration, during the Expert Workshop on Design and Operation of Digitalized Sector-Coupled Energy Systems (DigiSect 2023).

Organised by Edmund Widl and Thomas Strasser from AIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyHamburg University of TechnologyOFFIS – Institute for Information Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and in cooperation with Wien Energie, the workshop was also supported by The ERIGrid 2.0 Project and IEEE Austria Section.

The participants presented their work, exchanged ideas, and discussed the next steps in energy research on how to reach the ambitious policy goals towards energy transition.

Edmund Widl: “Sector coupling and digitization must go hand in hand to support the energy transition as effectively as possible. Innovative digital technologies – e.g., AI, digital twins, and data spaces – will play an important role in this. The integration of these technologies at the system level, considering domain-specific constraints, will be a key factor. For this, we need more tools for validation and implementation of projects.”

Further details as well as a summary of the workshop can be found here.

Successful expert meeting at DigiSect 2023