The OpenAFPM (Online Design Tools for Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines) modelling tools can be used for designing Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) generators for wind electric systems with the use of the open source finite element analysis software “Finite Element Method Magnetics” (FEMM). This series of design tools have been developed by ICCS, in order to assist designers and practitioners involved with small scale wind electric systems. The tool is also used for educational purposes.

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Links and facts:

  • Usage requirements: Web-browser
  • Documentation
  • Support forum
  • Funding acknowledgement: Developed by the Rural Electification Research Group (RurERG), part of the Smart RUE of NTUA

Besides this virtual facility, ICCS-NTUA also provides physical lab access to their Electric Energy Systems Laboratory (EESL). Check it out here.