ERIGrid 2.0 supports the upcoming DigiSect 2023 Workshop: “Trends and Research Directions for Operation, Control and Digitalization in Sector-Coupled Energy Systems and Sector Integration”, taking place on 20-21 April 2023 in Vienna, Austria. The expert workshop is jointly organised by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, TUHH Hamburg University of Technology, OFFIS and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from Europe to exchange insights and to create a roadmap on possible trends and research directions for operation, control and digitalization in sector-coupled energy systems and sector integration.

Workshop contributions will be attributed to the following thematic clusters:

Cluster 1 – System architecture and operation strategies: focus on applications and best practices for sector coupling and sector integration both on system-level and on component-level, including pilot sites, energy communities, innovative technologies, markets & regulation, etc.

Cluster 2 – Automation and Digitalization Technologies: focus on digital technologies enabling sector coupling and sector integration, including artificial intelligence, digital twins, IoT and communication, cyber security, simulation, etc.

ERIGrid 2.0 supports the upcoming DigiSect 2023 Workshop