The European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab e.V.) Association released its 8th Activity Report, presenting the work and research of DERlab and its members in 2021-2022. Furthermore, the report features a selection of EU-funded and national research efforts towards an increased share of DER. Special emphasis is given to the activities of the EU Coordination and Support Action “PAN European Technology Energy Research Approach” (PANTERA).

A section of the report is dedicated to the ERIGrid 2.0 and its predecessor project ERIGrid. With DERlab members being significantly respresented in both projects’ consortia, ERIGrid had strong collaborations with DERlab, which are renewed in ERIGrid 2.0 and continue to benefit project activities.

In ERIGrid, the project consortium obtained from DERlab members useful information about the current testing and evaluation methods and procedures, as well as research infrastructure needs and requirements for performing different types of tests. Having analysed this information and identified the gaps, ERIGrid has developed its HTD methodolody, awarded as “Best Practice of the Year” in 2020.

Likewise in ERIGrid 2.0, the expertise of the DERlab members in development and validation of smart grid technologies and cyberphysical energy systems contributes to the activities in the project.

Find out more in the DERlab Activity Report 2021-2022 here.

ERIGrid 2.0 in DERlab Activity Report