The heart of the infrastructure is the hardware in the loop simulator which allows the simulation of any complex grid situation and which transforms a specific grid points into reality with the use of 45kVA three phase power stages. This can be used to test specific components and the different control and management strategies. The hardware in the loop simulator is integrated in the multi microgrid platform PRISMES, which covers the complete campus of INES. Single phase and triple phase grids are available at the platform, which are completely independent allowing running different projects in parallel.

Location: Le Bourget-du-Lac, France

PRISMES consists of a low voltage micro-grid, including several generators with different technologies (renewable and conventional), controllable loads, electrical vehicles and storage systems. PRISMES can provide electricity to the main grid and is supervised.

For the activities in ERIGrid, the necessary components will be selected and connected to the hardware in the loop simulator using the PRISMES platform.

Available devices which can be connected to this PRISMES platform are among others:

  • About 160 kW photovoltaic modules which are divided into more than ten freely  configurable different PV systems with single phase and triple phase inverters
  • 45 kVA conventional fuel generator
  • Several electrochemical storage systems like a Redox flow battery (10kW/100kWh), hightemperature NaNiCl2 storage (140 kWh / 90 kW), li-ion storage (25kWh/25kW)
  • Solar Mobility charging station with 20kW PV generator and more than 18 Twelve electric vehicle charging terminals, two of them with an associated stationary storage system electric load simulator (125kW)

The hardware in the loop simulator together with the multi microgrid platform provides a complete range of Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) solutions to quickly develop, iterate and test control strategies for:

  • PV and storage power plant connected to grid
  • Storages (batteries, flywheel, etc.) connected to grid
  • Ancillary services (voltage control, frequency control, stability control, etc.)
  • Microgrid operation, control and protection

INES is the reference center in France, and one of the first in Europe, dedicated to research, innovation and training on solar energy. Set up with the support of the Savoie Departmental Council and Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, it hosts teams from the CEA and the University of Savoie, and is supported by the CNRS and the CSTB. INES currently employs 300 staff, a figure that will rise to 500 engineers and scientists, on a 22,000-m² site equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.


  • 22,000-m² of laboratories, offices and training rooms
  • 800 professionals trained each year
  • 400 researchers and technicians
  • 200 industrial partners
  • 85 patents pending per year
  • 15 laboratories

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